Frequently Asked Questions

Wergo is a nightlife social utility app designed as your go-to for exploring clubs and events, booking tickets/tables and even bottles, a new way of meeting people, and finding good places to eat. Sorting out your night and connecting with new people has never been so easy.

Welcome to Wergo - Come in and join the fun!

Download the Wergo app for free now, available on iOS and Android.
You can download the Wergo app for iOS in the App Store and for Android in the Google Play Store. Wergo currently supports iOS 8 and up, and Android 4.4 and up.
Wergo is a global online nightlife platform and is available around the world. If you’re interested in the best nightclubs and events, meeting new people, and finding good places to eat - Download the Wergo app in the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android).
The minimum age requirement for Wergo is 18 years old. Please note that some clubs will have their own minimum age requirements for entry, which can be older than 18 years old.
The Wergo app is free to download in the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android).

For access to premium features, subscribe to Wergo Pro+. To subscribe, follow these simple steps:
  1. Tap the menu icon in the top left corner of the main screen
  2. Tap on App Settings.
  3. Click on the “Get Wergo Pro+” icon at the top.
1. Download the Wergo app for iOS and Android.
2. Tap the “Create an account” button at the bottom of the main screen.
3. Fill out your profile info.
4. Allow Wergo access to all required permissions.
Now get ready for the best night of your life!
To edit your profile information, such as your photos and preferences, follow the steps below:
- Tap the menu icon in the top left corner of the main screen
- Tap on “Edit profile” underneath your name
To edit your notifications settings, follow the steps below:
- Tap the menu icon in the top left corner of the main screen
- Tap on “App Settings” at the bottom
- Tap on “Notifications” and select your preferred notification settings.
Not sure if this is possible, but this would be a good feature to have (all dating apps have this)
To delete your account, follow the steps below:
- Tap the menu icon in the top left corner of the main screen
- Tap on “My Settings”, and then tap of “Delete account” at the bottom
Wergo is the ultimate nightlife guide, and we’ve got clubs listed here for everyone’s taste. Just make sure to fill in your music preferences when creating your profile, and the home screen will show you the top clubs in your city (or anywhere else around the world) that are sure to bring you the best nights of your life!
You can find clubs or events through the home screen or by searching for a specific club. Once you’ve found where you want to go, the event page has instructions at the top on how to book tickets, request to get on the guestlist or request a table booking. It really is that simple!
If you know a promoter and they are registered on Wergo, you can search for their name in the 'Contacts' section of the app and send them a direct message. If they're not listed, you might need to connect with them outside the app or request the club for their contact.
Once you’ve requested a guestlist entry or table booking, this request is sent directly to the club. The club will then manage their guestlist and table booking system internally, so you will have to wait for the club’s confirmation that everything has been approved. If your request hasn’t been confirmed yet, this could be because the guestlist is full or tables have been fully booked.
Entry to a nightclub is always up to the club's management - they can decide not to allow you to enter. We ask that you always respect the bouncers, the club’s dress code and the minimum age requirement. Remember that nightclubs require some form of identification for proof of age (eg passport, ID card, driver’s licence), so always bring this with you.
It depends on the club's cancellation policy. Some clubs may offer a full refund if you cancel within a certain timeframe before the event. However, others may charge a cancellation fee or not offer refunds for last-minute cancellations. Always check the specific club's policy on Wergo or contact the club directly for more information.
Once you’ve clicked “Going”, “Interested” or you have confirmed a ticket/guestlist/table for an event, on the bottom left corner, click on the heart icon and see who is attending the same event as you. You will be able to send likes to the other people attending the same event during the 24 hours before the event. If the other person sends you a like back, you will then be able to start chatting – and the rest is up to you…
You can send messages to people you have matched with, or with friends through your contact list. To send a message, tap the message icon at the bottom of your screen. Here, you will find a list of all your matches and friends. Just click on any name and you can start sending messages immediately.
You can’t delete individual messages on Wergo, but you can delete entire conversations by un-matching someone. When you un-match someone, they won’t be able to message you anymore, and you will disappear from their match list. To un-match someone, follow the steps below: 1. Go to his/her profile. 2. Tap the icon in the top right corner. 3. Tap the “Unmatch” button at the bottom. You will not be able to talk to that person again, unless you match with them again in the future.
You can add your friends through their phone list.
If you don’t want to be visible to other Wergo users, you can hide your profile from the dating option. To make your profile invisible to other, follow the below steps:
  1. Tap the menu icon in the top left corner of the main screen
  2. Tap on “Edit profile” underneath your name
  3. Where it says “Show profile”, move the indicator to the left
You can report users that you’ve already matched with, and users you haven’t matched with. To report someone:
  1. Go to his/her profile.
  2. Tap the icon in the top right corner.
  3. Tap the “Report” button at the bottom.
We care very deeply about the safety of our Wergo community. If you see any suspicious behaviour or suspicious users, please always report this to us.
We accept major credit and debit cards, as well as other forms of payment depending on your location, such as Apple Pay, Google Wallet, and PayPal. Always ensure you are using the latest version of Wergo to have the most updated payment options available.
Some clubs allow pay-on-arrival options. When booking an event or table, you will see the available payment options. If you choose pay-on-arrival, ensure you follow any guidelines the club provides to guarantee your booking.
Cancellation policies differ for each club and event. Some clubs offer full refunds for cancellations made in advance, while others may charge a cancellation fee or not offer a refund at all. Ensure you read the club's cancellation policy before making a booking. If you are within the cancellation period, you should receive a refund. If not, you may still be charged.
If you didn't attend an event or club but were charged, first check the club's cancellation and refund policy. If you believe the charge is in error, please contact Wergo customer support through the app, providing all relevant booking details. Our team will review your situation and assist you accordingly.